Friday, April 27, 2007

Permulaan Bicara

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Alhamdulillah, this is my first blog attempt. Today is my B-day. Having my own blog - I guess that this is a present for myself.

Insya ALlah, blog ini akan digunakan hanya utk kebaikan dan bukan utk kemungkaran. Setelah sekian lama menziarahi blog2 yg wujud di alam maya ini maka tercetuslah keinginan utk mula tulis blog sendiri. Bukannya rasa seolah2 ada kekurangan pd blog2 org lain cuma rasa t'panggil utk meluahkan/berkongsi cerita. Mungkin ada yg sudi membaca. Anyway, kalau xde org baca pun takpe, sebab blog ini mungkin dpt menjadi tempat dan teman berbicara.
Initially, I surfed through the internet to look out for friends/ladies who have experienced life in the work of dakwah. Sometimes, when my life became too complicated, I just wanted to see whether others(karkunah) have also experienced the same. Then, maybe, just maybe, I can learn from their experiences. Of course then, you might be wondering how complicated can her life be ? Well, most probably not as bad as it seems. In fact, life, for me is quite ideallic really. I thank Allah constantly for the bounties of nikmat that I have. Allah has given to me and my family more than what others have. Masya Allah, how will we go thru the day of hisab. It is said that even a glass of plain water will be questioned during the day of judgement. Apa lagilah kami yg hidupnya penuh dgn rezeki dan nikmat yg melimpah ruah. Allah uji kami dgn nikmat kesenangan, kegembiraan dan rumahtangga yg aman. Semoga Allah jauhkan kami dari sifat kufur. Amin.
As this is my firt blog entry, I haven't decided yet on what langguage I shall use most. I definitely want to use Malay as this is my mother tongue. However, I have long left "penulisan Bahasa melyu" during my SPM days. Nowadays, most of my literary works are in English. So, I apologize for the mix/rojak in my langguages. Anyway, I shall try to post entries as regularly as possible. To those who are veterans in the blogging arena, maybe you can teach me some tips/hints on how I can navigate the blog pages so that I can get the most w/o being stuck with the technicallities. Your help in the matter is greatly appreciated :)