Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello there

Salam & Peace be with you.

It has been a while since I've logged in. Much has happened but I have remained silent. Maybe because I am not able to put into words, feelings I have in my heart and thots racing thru my head. Life has been full of complexities.

Today, after having read some articles, I feel motivated to write. After all, the main reason I started blogging was to practise writing. Thus far, I have only been silently reading thru others...not even leaving comments in my wake. I have a dream...I want to write a book. Sometimes, it is more wishful thinking but at other times, I do feel convicted to start.

I borrowed a book from a friend recently. It is entitled "like the flowing river". It is relatively light reading. Hmmm...I guess, everyone is entitled to their own thots & reflection. Still, the book cost RM35. Alhamdulillah for the wonders of the internet. We can have a good read for free. In the midst of our boring & mundane routine, we can have a short "mind break". Wandering through the virtual landscape, we have a host of selection. Picking out some sweet smelling & refreshing read is an adventure. I do believe that some of our fellow bloggers do have quite profound thots.

ANyway, some of my favourite haunts have shut down. Most probably due to some change in their owners' principles. Alas, I feel as if I have lost some good "friends". I hope they will change their mind and start blogging again. I do miss them.