Thursday, August 30, 2007

Iman & Amal

Yesterday, I was feeling very down. I was so tired and my brain was kaput. When I got home, I only wanted to crawl into my bed and sleep. I can barely make thru the Asr prayers, what more to perform other nafl solat or zikir or Quranic reading. I bet the Asr solat that I did make was just to fulfill the fardh and may not even be up to anyone's standard. I must admit that it was one of the bad ones. As I finish the solat and fold my prayer mat, I crawled to my bed and shut my eyes...I know it is bad to fall asleep after asr but I just can't help it. I am sooo tired.

Just as I feel that I am floating in between consciousness, my daughter came and woke me up for some silly reason. Oh…I was so disappointed. There goes my evening nap. I said some sharp words to her but quickly felt bad about it. She looked sad. She didn’t mean to disturb me. She thought that the news that she had was important.

I tried to get back to sleep but it was not going to work. I seldom sleep in the evening and my mind is telling me that I must get up. My children need me. I can hear them laughing and playing outside with the neighbours' kids. Sometimes, when I am home form the office, I do sit with them. We walk to the playground, talk, played some silly games etc. Today, I am not up to it. Initially, I planned to take them to the pasar malam as most of our kitchen essentials and foods are depleted. Still, I can’t get myself to go. Maybe later, after maghrib. Alhamdulillah, the children barely even notice me whenever they are playing. Allah has shown mercy on me. I live in a good neighbourhood and my kids have good friends to play with. At least I have some personal time to unwind.

As I lie there on the bed, I keep thinking to myself that it is so tough to have the strength and stamina to keep my iman and amal going. I know that I must pull and shake myself up. I read somewhere that every muslim must have a minimum level of amal. This is the minimum that we must perform, no matter what the condition of our iman is. What is my minimum level? Only the 5 daily prayers ? What about the nafl solat? What about the minimum daily zikir? How about the minimum daily Quranic reading? What about my house taklim ?

I have all this running thru my heads but I can't get my body to move off the bed. Oh Allah, please just let me get thru the night. Please let me at least complete my 30 min of taklim. Allah is great. I know that He must be disappointed with my low level of amal. I know that I am not worthy. Last nite, after my solat maghrib, when I was thinking that I might not have the strength to start my taklim anymore, my youngest son was already calling his siblings. “ Come on...we must sit for our taklim”. Masya Allah. How can I ask for anything more? Allah has showered me with uncountable nikmats. He has given me good children. Although my boy is only 3+, he understands that Maghrib is time for solat, taklim and Quran. Sometimes he complained, when are you guys going to finish? How come it is taking so long? But still, he will always be with us in the beginning of solat and taklim. After a while, he will get bored and move to get his playthings. That is ok though…at least he sits in the beginning and at the end. After taklim, we did our Isyak and then went to the pasar malam.

That's why we must make effort on our iman. When our iman is strong, our amal will be good. It is different between knowing and doing. I know that I must make the effort on my iman. I know I must sacrifice for my deen. Yet, I am so weak. Oh ALlah, please help me. Please make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Please make me have strength to fight my nafs and please let me be victorious. When things get so difficult, I just want to throw in the towel and stop the fight....Must NOT be weak. Must be steadfast and hold on...Allah is most compassionate.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Routine Harian

Insya Allah, hari ini, Abang akan berlepas ke Bangladesh setelah lebih dari 2 minggu di Sri Petaling. Tak taulah berapa jam pernerbangan ke Bangladesh itu. Semoga, ALlah selamatkan mereka dalam perjalanan. Kami di sini sentiasa mendoakan.

Semenjak abang tak ada di rumah nie, rutin harian kami menjadi begitu mudah. Sebelum maghrib kami sudah harus sampai ke rumah. Kunci pintu dan bersiap sedia untuk solat. Lepas solat maghrib, lebih kurang pukul 8 malam kami semua duduk untuk taklim. Lebih kurang 30-40 minit bergantung pada hadith2 yang dibaca dan topik muzakarah yang dipilih. Lepas taklim, Insya ALlah, kami semua siap sedia untuk solat Isyak.

Usai solat, kami masing2 habiskan bacaan Al-Quran atau bereskan kerja2 sekolah. Selalunya, kami makan sebelum masuk waktu maghrib supaya ada lebih masa di malam hari untuk buat kerja2 lain. Lagipun, makan sebelum maghrib itu sunnah. Insya ALlah, kalau istikhamah melakukannya, dapatlah pahala sunnah. Ganjaran seratus pahala mati syahid untuk setiap sunnah yang dapat kita amalkan secara istikhamah. Di mana, di zaman sahabat2 dahulu, untuk mendapatkan satu ganjaran pahala mati syahid, mereka harus meyatimkan anak2, membalukan isteri2 mereka dan mereka sendiri mati dengan begitu dahsyatnya sehingga ada sahabat2 yang dijumpai dengan mayat yg hilang kaki, tangan hatta kepala mereka sendiri. Itulah yang harus kami ingat2kan pada diri kami sendiri dan anak2 sewaktu iman kami lemaaahhh dan malaaassss untuk mengamalkan sunnah nabi muhd saw.

Semenjak suami dah tidak ada di rumah nie, kami selalunya masuk tidur pukul 10 malam. Bagus jugak. Dapatlah kami bangun awal keesokan harinya...cergas dan bertenaga untuk hari yang baru. Inilah antara hikmah ketiadaan suami di rumah. Kalau tidak, memang letih. Tidak menang tangan unatuk melayan suami, anak2 dan khidmat rumah. Suami pulak, selalunya balik dari masjid/mesyuarat/program ilmu/kenduri/khususi.. lewat malam. Kadang2 sampai mencecah 12 malam. Memang penat juga kalau nak kena layan makan2 & borak2. Esok pulak, pagi2 dah kena bangun utk tugasan2 baru. Hmmmm, sekarang nie, Allah bagi cuti panjaaannng :)

Nota Kaki :
Isteri mana yang tidak rindu....Namun, suami tersayang pergi mencari redha Allah. Semoga, Allah terima pengorbanan kami yang tidak seberapa ini. Semoga Allah campakkan ikhlas dan istikhamah dalam setiap amalan kami. Amin

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Affairs of the heart

Just before hubby left for his 4 months, I told him that I will keep updating this blog. I told him, wherever he is, while he is travelling, please do have a look at what I have written. I actually promise to give him a summarized version of what happended at home. Daily. This way, he will be able to know the going-ons at home. Abang just smiled. He said that he will not have the time nor the capability to log on to any cyber cafes or whatsoever. Hehehe...of course I knew that. I was just trying to cheer him up. A few days before he left us, he was quite glum. It is not because he did not want to go but because we were all in quite a low spiritual state. Our imaan was really weak. Bateri lemah. It has been nearly 5 years since his last 40 days. Throughout these 5 years, we were so busy with dunia. It's tough in Malaysia. ALthough physically we live in an Islamic state...but it is difficult to hold on to our Islamic spirit. Susah nak kekalkan semangat dan jazbah. People around us keep on talking about dunia. We, ourselves keep on talking and worrying about dunia. Thus, dunia is what is in our hearts. Thus, now, after so much effort onto our dunia...we are trying to make some small effort for our deen and imaan...May ALlah look kindly upon us and accepts this effort of ours. Oh Allah, we are weak. Please help us be steadfast in our faith onto You.

Friday, August 10, 2007


It has been nearly a week since Abang went off for his khuruj. After many2 postponed events, Abang finally managed to pull everything together and settle most of his affairs. He had only 1 week from his last day of school to settle all our worldly affairs before beginning his journey in the path of Allah. Alhamdulillah, may Allah be pleased and accept what little efforts we make in search of Allah's blessings.

At this time, Abang is still in Sri Petaling. He has yet to obtain visa to India & Pakistan. Apparently, nowadays, visas are difficult to get by. It is especially so when you have a beard and looks like a "potential terrorist". Hmm, we are so lost in our ways such that we relate people with dressing of sunnah with bad images. Everyday that Abang is at Sri Petaling, he is learning new things. It is seldom that he gets to sit at the Markaz. Allah is most knowledgeable...He arranges everything as He sees fit. May Allah facilitates the visa and journey of my beloved husband.

I received a msg from him the other day -

" Sabar & tawajjuh dgn Allah dalam apa jua urusan, Insya Allah dipermudahkan...
Inilah antara tarbiyah kita, supaya yakin yg Allah mengurus segalanya,
Makhluk yg didepan kita tu tak boleh buat apa-apa, lemah dan tiada kuasa. "

May ALlah keeps us steadfast in all that we do.

Book Review

Currently, I am trying to finish the book Secrets of Secrets by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani. Actually, it was written by the great Sufi but it was translated into English. I am of course, reading the English version. I actually picked up the book because the translator put a nice intro on the book's back cover. According to the translator, reading the book helps us to gain spiritual knowledge and purpose in our everyday ibadaat. This is so that our ibadat will be increased that it will not just be a routine of our life but an exercise which will strengthen our love and brings us closer to our Benefactor - Allah. Well, the reading has been slow. As I am only able to read a few pages at night before bedtime, the book will probably take me more than 2 weeks to finish. ALbeit the book is relatively thin.

As I was reading, I seem to ponder that the level of English in the book is quite abstract and high-level. It makes the writing very difficult to understand. Of course, taking into mind the fact that it has been quite some time since I've read anything else besides fiction. Thus, I am seeking help from fellow bloggers to recommend simpler books on spirituality and religion for me. Fyi, I have almost zero background in Islamic Thoughts and Revelations. I envy those people who were chosen and blessed to have the opportunity to have Islamic theology as their basic education. Thus, the knowledge that they gain while growing up, is 100% relevant to this world and the world hereafter. In fact, these fortunate people have the added opportunity/bonus to share their knowledge with other lesser mortals.

Alas, my pace of reading these genre of books is appaling. While reading,I feel especially bad that I have yet to get the opportunity to increase my understanding of the Quran. Apparently, according to Sheikh Abdul Qadir, the Qurans has 10 layers of understanding. 10 layers - Even the uppermost layer of understanding eludes me. In conclusion, I guess that's what I get from reading this book. It gave me some time to reflect on how ignorant I am.