Friday, August 10, 2007


It has been nearly a week since Abang went off for his khuruj. After many2 postponed events, Abang finally managed to pull everything together and settle most of his affairs. He had only 1 week from his last day of school to settle all our worldly affairs before beginning his journey in the path of Allah. Alhamdulillah, may Allah be pleased and accept what little efforts we make in search of Allah's blessings.

At this time, Abang is still in Sri Petaling. He has yet to obtain visa to India & Pakistan. Apparently, nowadays, visas are difficult to get by. It is especially so when you have a beard and looks like a "potential terrorist". Hmm, we are so lost in our ways such that we relate people with dressing of sunnah with bad images. Everyday that Abang is at Sri Petaling, he is learning new things. It is seldom that he gets to sit at the Markaz. Allah is most knowledgeable...He arranges everything as He sees fit. May Allah facilitates the visa and journey of my beloved husband.

I received a msg from him the other day -

" Sabar & tawajjuh dgn Allah dalam apa jua urusan, Insya Allah dipermudahkan...
Inilah antara tarbiyah kita, supaya yakin yg Allah mengurus segalanya,
Makhluk yg didepan kita tu tak boleh buat apa-apa, lemah dan tiada kuasa. "

May ALlah keeps us steadfast in all that we do.

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