Monday, July 7, 2008

Pictures from London

Here are some pix of the London Trip. Sorry for taking such a long time to put it up.

This is Hyde Park. Isn't it beautiful? The park is sooo big. From one end to the other, it would take us hours to walk. We came to the park very early in the morning. In fact, this pix was taken at around 6 am. The sun is already up. During our stay, subuh was sometime around 4.30 am. After subuh, we tried to go back to sleep but we were always to excited to explore London. So, we usually wait until solat Isyrak and we went out for walks
The best thing about London is of course the weather. We love temperate climate. Sejuknyeee... best giler. Hehehe...maybe because we were visitors. We didn't mind the cold so much. It was such a wonderful change from the hot and humid weather of Malaysia. When we were there, it was spring and the flowers were blooming everywhere.

Yellow Amphibious Car

View of the Tower Bridge.

Double decker buses


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laily said...

seronoknya, kalau dapat menjenguk tempat orang. thanks huda sebab bagi add e book tu, belum habis lagi membaca

Suzi said...

Akak dah sampai London....bestnya...

Oja said...

Uih!! Syoknya hang dpt peluang ke London. Aku pun teringin gak tp blum ada rezeki la. Kalau ada supplier/vendor Europe kan best, leh gi audit area sana. Ahaks..

UmmuSarah said...


Rita, Suzi & Oja -

Terima kasih le dtg menjenguk.Hmm, best jugak le dpt pi tmpt org. Apa lagi dpt subsidi tiket dr boss. Walau apa pun, tentu takkan sama pergi sambil berkerja dgn pergi budget sendiri. Kalau dah pergi dgn tugasan, makanya, kerja tu 80-90%. Jalan nye cuma 10-20%....Hehehe...tapi kami usahakan le jugak berjalan sikit2.