Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Losing Weight ?

As we are already in the midst of Ramadhan, I have made a resolution to lose some weight. I am quite certain that with each child that I bore, I gained 2-3 kg. Thus, with the 4th child that I had, I am definitely 8-10 kg overweight. I have always put off the effort of losing the added kgs. I thought that it will be useless to work so hard to lose the weights because sooner or later, I will get pregnant again & I will defintiely pile on new weights...Alas, it has been almost 4 years since my last baby. I guess that the time to lose weight is finally here. After all, Ramadhan is here...what better way to do it than in this holy month whereby we detoxify and cleanse our internal system.
Yesterday, I visited my local GP. I explained to her, in a rather embarrased way, my predicament. She was not at all surprised. I guess she must have a lot of patients who are trying to lose weights. I specifically requested from her some medication that can help burn fat or increase my metabolic rate. Unfortunately for me, it is not that easy. My doctor is against the "short-cut" way of losing weight. She advised me to exercise. She said that all these medications has side effects and will cause weight increase once we stop taking them. She kept on motivating me with success stories of her patients. That's it then...exercise is the answer.
From today onwards, I shall burn the layers of fat on my body the old-fashioned way. I will start to exercise. I heard that solat is the best form of exercise. Hmm, I wonder how many calories will I burn with 2 rakaats of tarawih ? Lesson of the day, Allah is most merciful...he told us to fast in the day and perform tarawih during the night. He has showed us the true path. I bet by following this prescription I can lose more weight than by filling my body with chemicals.

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