Friday, November 23, 2007

Hand Phone

Masya Allah...As I was preparing for Asar, accidentally, my phone dropped into the bowl. Yucky :( my phone dropped into the toilet bowl !!!! Agghhhhhhhh! What am I going to do ? Phone tu mati. Tak boleh nak on. Gelap aje ! Macam mana nie ? Kalau hantar repair mesti kena beratus-ratus ringgit. Panick & gelabah. Takde experience langsung dgn benda2 gadget nie. Worse, the phone belongs to my hubby...Macam mana nak explain kat dia ??? Dahlah dia baru je beli phone tu just before he went off for his 4 months. Ini amanah besar. Mesti dia sedih, isteri dia tak dapat jaga harta benda dia elok2 semasa dia takde.

I never ususally bring anything with me to the toilet. However, yesterday, dah ditentukan Illahi, my phone drowned. After picking up the phone quickly. I cleaned it to the best that I can with toilet paper. Alhamdulillah, air dlm toilet bowl tu bersih. Iyalah, toilet kat ofis ni bersih. Hari2 dicuci oleh makcik cleaner. Takde org lain yg pakai toilet tu kecuali staf2 perempuan. Itupun, cuma kami bertiga. I put the phone aside, took my ablutions and quickly went back to my office to perform my solat. Punyalah sedih, dlm solat pun boleh nangis sbb teringatkan keadaan diri yg lalai. Mungkin ini kafarah dosa atau peringatan dr ALlah atas amalan yg kurang. Slack betul sekarang nie... Usai solat, doalah minta bantuan ALlah. Apa urusan sekalipun, ALlah saje yg dpt membantu. Bila dah habis solat...ALlah beri ilham. Apa agaknya org lain buat kalau phone hjatuh dlm air. Ehmm...terus google "what to do+drop cell phone in water"

Alhamdulillah, ALlah mudahkan. Jumpa website

If it hasn't happened to you yet, it may, eventually. You lean over the water at a marina with your cell phone in your shirt's pocket and oooops, it goes in the water. Drop your cell phone in the bathtub? Bad? Drop it in the toilet? Even worse.
By any means, do not despair. I saved many cell phones from water damage and you can too. The key element is to react quickly so read this and you will know what to do if you ever drop your cell phone in the water.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:
The first thing to do is to remove your cell phone from the water as quickly as possible. Don't even think a second. Take it out!
As quickly as possible, remove the battery. If there is no electrical current while water resides inside your cell phone, it has a much better chance of surviving.
Shake the water out of your cell phone. Hold it tight, then shake it out with large downwards arm movements, as if you were loosing your temper and throwing it away. If drops of water land on the floor, it is a good indication that the technique was successful.
Remove the excess water. Sacrifice many sheets of absorbing paper and press them against your cell phone. Do it again and again with dry paper.
If there is water inside the display, do not hesitate to press gently on it. It may succeed in forcing more water out of it. Then absorb it again with absorbing paper.
Repeat step 3 then steps 4 and 5 many times. Shaking your cell phone will bring more water to the surface, which you can then absorb with paper.
Let both the cell phone and battery dry. Place them near a sunny window, near a home dehumidifier or on top of the vent of your TV set. But NEVER put it near a source of heat such as the oven or heaters. The battery may explode and your cell phone may not resist the extra heat.
Let it dry for at least 24 hours (some even suggest 3 days). If water still comes out of it when shaking it, or if the display is foggy, wait another 24 hours.
If your cell phone fell in salt water, rinse it completely with fresh water before proceeding to the steps mentioned here. The salt can further damage your cell phone and increase the risk of corrosion. Never place the battery near a source of heat. It may explode!

Terus buat spt yg dicadangkan dan ALhamdulillah, hari nie phone tu dah boleh pakai :)